Psychology & Sabotage of Weight Loss – Free Audios

Want to get a feel for Dr Blair-West’s work into the Psychology & Sabotage of Weight Loss? Here is a selection of files from his many media appearances. Audio (MP3) Files

a) Dr George on ABC Radio with Kelly Higgins-Devine

Recorded in 2013 this recent interview introduces Restraint Theory and touches on mindset and motivational issues (20min):

Click Here to Download Audio File

b) Dr George on Life Matters on ABC National

Restraint Theory, evolution of the Low Sacrifice Diet & advertising food to children (16min):

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c)  Dr George with Comedian Mikey Robins on Radio National 2

The Introduction to the Weight Loss Psychology, the “What the hell effect”, the Unholy Trinity, Breakfast Like a Princess (12min) part of a regular series:

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