Have a look at what some of our customers have been saying:

“This blew my mind!

Sometimes things come into your life at just the right moment and this was one of those times. I have recently starting keeping a journal ­ a new experience for me as I think previously I did not want to deal or feel I was capable of dealing with my emotions.

It was much easier to suppress them via food, overscheduling etc. etc. I have been amazed, stunned and even frightened by the depth of my emotions and particularly by the pure viciousness of my own thoughts towards myself. Things I would never think of or say about anyone else. I could write pages of hatred towards every part of me that I would be embarrassed and ashamed to share with anyone. A couple of weeks ago in between the nastiness directed at myself, I wrote ‘deep down, I know that I am a good person’ ­ I struggled with this obviously so used to being negative but it resonated and felt ‘true’. I am so grateful I have discovered this program and even more appreciative that I have identified my inner critic, can learn compassion towards myself and best of all albeit scary, make some changes.”


“Since starting this journey , I have acknowledged so much about myself and the defence mechanisms I have cultivated over many years. This journey has been unbelievable and I am grateful for all that has been shared here, I never expected it would take me to the places I have been or to seek real assistance in coming to terms with a lot of what has happened. It is odd that I have acknowledged my inner child and looked after her social enjoyment and education but forgot to manage her childlike demands based on her insecurities, choosing to accommodate them as my own. This course could be spread out over a longer period, to allow for time to explore all those issues that bubble up. However, It is definitely the best decision I have made for many years. Thank you”

“Thank you George, I think that you have begun an amazing journey for me thanks to your work and effort in putting this program together. I also feel a sense of sadness and loss that the program has come to an end – your voice has become a familiar one when I come home from work and listen in to a session. I have already started on it again from the beginning.

For the first time in my life, I am feeling less imperative to eat. I have identified Carolina (my eating self – my mother used to call me this on occasion) and enlisted her assistance in this process. I asked her last Friday what she wanted for a Friday night treat and suggested a favourite food – and, clear as bell, the response was that it wasn’t good for us and she would rather have soup. I didn’t have any on hand but set off to get the ingredients for a quick and easy broth with seafood, ginger, chilli and coriander, all the while expecting her to change her mind (you are quite right, she isn’t very old) and ask one of the usual Friday night foods. I only feeling I had was one of contentment. I was absolutely astounded – it was quite simply amazing.

I lug another person around in terms of weight. I have tried – and failed – at almost every diet you could list. I have had surgery as a consequence of one of my diets (three month liquid diet that took 14kgs off and gave me gall stones). Always, like a punch drunk boxer, I have kept crawling up off the mat because I have had this unshakable belief that the key to getting rid of my weight was out there somewhere, but that my mind just couldn’t see it, and I was going to keep going until I discovered someone who could explain it to me. I quit smoking, I quit biting my fingernails and if I can do those things, why in the hell couldn’t I lose weight? And then I received the email asking if I’d like to try your program, and I thought, “Why not? Can’t hurt and I might learn something. Any little thing helps.”

Your sessions consolidated all the work I have done with my psychologist but with a food angle to it and the pennies began to drop and the bells began to ring and I feel that I am unable to convey adequately what this work has meant for me. It has been like walking through a door into a place I have never seen before. I plan to keep going, and I will be a keen contender for anything else you do.

All the very best to you.”


“I enjoy receiving your update emails and have signed up to and am in the process of the first module of Dr George¹s program via your site. As a long-term weight loss patient, I have also undertaken psychology sessions myself and search out psychology-based programs for weight loss as they are really beneficial and seem to be the ‘missing link’. Thanks for finding this one for us to do!”

“As a direct result of the information I received from you, I have signed up for Dr George Blair-West’s online program. This is proving to be one of my smartest decisions … and I doubt if I can find the words to say just how grateful I am for your assistance.

At last, the portion sizes really start to be relevant and a choice, not a “requirement” as part of a pre-written diet manual, this is a huge mind-shift for me after years of failing diets. Many thanks.


PS His pod casts and home play are worthwhile, demanding and require a little bit of work on the part of the participant, but the outcomes are multiple and easy to achieve.”

“Thank you so much for the recordings about mindful eating. It couldn’t have come at a better time as I’d just fallen into a pattern of binge eating again after successfully losing 6 kilos. I have had a lap band for 7 yrs and lost 35 kilos but then 2yrs later I increased how much I ate and began to binge again which you can do with a band. I put on 14 kilos. So thank you you are keeping me on track and teaching me its not all my fault that I eat the way I do. Keep up the fantastic work.”

“Can’t tell you how grateful I am for your emails re George Blair West. I had a sleeve done 18 months ago and lost 30 k am now 73 k but struggle so much emotionally, now after watching his video I understand can’t wait for more from you. Can I order his book via you? Again thank so much I would love to lose another 10kg and now I may be able to.”

“I just had to let you know I’m currently reading Weight Loss for Food Lovers that I just received. What a revelation and what commonsense. I never thought about approaching all the different facets of eating that he talks about. I am so grateful to you for sending me the emails about Dr Blair-West.I am so so appreciative. Can’t wait to finish his book and hopefully lose a few kilos with a different approach!!”

“What a great interview [ABC Radio] definitely relevant, I have a kindle and have just brought Dr George’s book.

Look forward to further emails.”


“Thank you for the opportunity to listen to this illuminating interview with Dr George Blair West. It certainly struck an accord with me and gave some reassurance as I continue to struggle with a weight loss program which started some seven years ago. I have lost around 30 kilos and gained greatly improved health benefits, however the battle continues. I recognise my own psychological struggle and self sabotage resulting in the cycles of denial / bingeing with feelings of failure ever present. I recognise the need for a more realistic approach and look forward to learning more about Dr George’s new product.”