Q – Can I ask your thoughts on my weight problem?

A – I have to be careful here as I obviously cannot answer questions from the many many readers of my books and articles from around the world. However, I am always interested to hear thoughtful questions on the psychological challenges of weight loss that are relevant to many people. So, as of today (December 2013) I’m going to open this page up for comments and questions (below). When I have time I will respond to the questions that have the most relevance to other people. In particular, I would like to hear your story if you have overcome a particular psychological challenge on your weight loss journey. Please help others by sharing your successful psychological strategies.

Q – How can I organise a consultation with you and how much does it cost?

A – This is certainly the most common question I am asked. My fee is $320 for a 45min consultation which I can do by video-conference. If you are an Australian resident then you may receive a rebate through Medicare. It is somewhat irrelevant, however, as my books are currently closed.

Q – Hey Dr George, what are you up to these days?

A – For those of you who are interested in going further into my work, I’m drilling deeper into what I see as the biggest challenges in weight loss which are managing our mindset and our motivation. Ultimately, this work will become the follow-up to my first book¬†Weight Loss for Food Lovers: Understanding our minds and why we sabotage our weight loss. In the interim I am organising the material into an online program.

Q – What will the format of the program be?

A – I’m trying, as much as possible, to capture the essence of what I do in therapy with my own patients and deliver this online. I want to create this sense of you being able to eavesdrop on one of my sessions. So, the program will be a series of talks with supporting written materials, that you can work through at your own pace.

 Q РHow much will it cost?

A – I want to keep affordable and at the end of the day, it will be much cheaper than seeing me personally! I will continue to provide lots of free audio and video materials on the psychology and sabotage of weight loss.

Q – How do I find out about it when it becomes available?

A – Just make sure you have subscribed to my mailing list which you can do by clicking here.

Q – How do I stop my free trial or cancel my membership?

A – Simply contact us here and we will cancel your free trial or membership for you.


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3 comments on “FAQs
  1. Dr George says:

    Hi Naomi, i don’t think they are for weight loss, just trauma therapy, but appointment books are closed, will probably reopen next year. All the best.

  2. Suzy mohr says:

    Where do I get the book in the US?

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