“Want To Discover The One Diet That Really Works?”

The answer may surprise you …

… all of them!

That’s right, there are lots of great diets out there that work.

Choose a good weight loss plan, follow its rules long enough and you will lose weight.

Why then have you struggled to lose weight in the past?

The answer is in the video below…

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  • ‘5 Must Haves’ To Permanent Weight Loss – This presentation will show why dietary change must combine with psychologcial change.
  • How to love & enjoy delicious foods – whilst still losing weight.
  • How to keep weight off permanently – (No more yo-yo dieting)
  • Plus much more!

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  • A Free session from Dr George’s “Eavesdropping on Weight Loss Therapy” – You’ll learn the techniques to stop overeating and instead eat your food mindfully.
  • A Free lesson from the “Gain Motivation – Lose Weight: Crash Course” – This will help you understand the most important part of the weight loss game…your mind.
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What Others Are Saying


“This blew my mind!

Sometimes things come into your life at just the right moment and this was one of those times. I have recently starting keeping a journal ­ a new experience for me as I think previously I did not want to deal or feel I was capable of dealing with my emotions.

It was much easier to suppress them via food, overscheduling etc. etc. I have been amazed, stunned and even frightened by the depth of my emotions and particularly by the pure viciousness of my own thoughts towards myself. Things I would never think of or say about anyone else. I could write pages of hatred towards every part of me that I would be embarrassed and ashamed to share with anyone. A couple of weeks ago in between the nastiness directed at myself, I wrote ‘deep down, I know that I am a good person’ ­ I struggled with this obviously so used to being negative but it resonated and felt ‘true’. I am so grateful I have discovered this program and even more appreciative that I have identified my inner critic, can learn compassion towards myself and best of all albeit scary, make some changes.”


“Thank you so much for the recordings about mindful eating. It couldn’t have come at a better time as I’d just fallen into a pattern of binge eating again after successfully losing 6 kilos. I have had a lap band for 7 yrs and lost 35 kilos but then 2yrs later I increased how much I ate and began to binge again which you can do with a band. I put on 14 kilos. So thank you you are keeping me on track and teaching me its not all my fault that I eat the way I do. Keep up the fantastic work.”


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