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Want to discover the one diet that really, absolutely works?

The answer may surprise you …

… all of them!

That’s right, there are lots of great diets out there that work.

Choose a good weight loss plan, follow its rules long enough and you will lose weight.

Why then have you struggled to lose weight in the past?

The reason is to do with your rebellious, tricky mind (yes, it has a mind of its own!)

“Following a diet’s rules” is not something a perfectly normal human mind likes to do for very long.

Losing weight is first and foremost a mind game

This is what Dr George himself has to say:

"It was not until I had to lose weight, that I realised that if we don't manage our mind we can work really hard at losing weight only to fail and put the weight back on again (that was me the first time!). There are good weight loss programs out there, but without the right Mindset and Motivation that sticks around - our huge efforts can amount to a big fat nothing. We are far more likely to lose weight if we have, first, the correct 'success mindset' and second, motivation ... but not just motivation at the outset ... motivation that lasts."

Take 3 minutes of your time to watch Dr Blair-West explain:

Inside discover…

  • The 5 Must Haves To Successful & Permanent Weight Loss Podcast – Why psychologcial change must be combined with dietary change.
  • A Free ‘on-air therapy’ session at ABC Radio – This is a great introduction to the concepts of Weight Loss Therapy and shows how you can overcome eating issues that often develop in childhood.
  • A Free session from Dr George’s “Eavesdropping on Weight Loss Therapy” – You’ll learn the techniques to stop overeating and instead eat your food mindfully.
  • A Free lesson from the “Gain Motivation – Lose Weight: Crash Course” – This will help you understand the most important part of the weight loss game…your mind.
  • Plus much more!


Are you someone who already knows what you should do
(eat less & exercise more) but don’t do it?
Did you know it is not about willpower?

The secret is understanding your MIND

  • Have you felt that you have lacked enough motivation to stick to your plans to lose weight?
  • Do you want to save yourself more years of failed experiences and understand once and for all how to lose weight and keep it off?
  • Do you want a highly qualified expert to wade through the mass of information out there & give you the essence of what really works?
  • Do you want to learn the secrets to maintaining motivation when you’re trying to change?
  • Are you a thinking person who is into personal growth and likes to go deeper and understand yourself?
  • Do you want to save money on what it would cost you to see one of the world’s expert therapists like Dr Blair-West?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions – Dr Blair-West may well have something  for you.

Allow an internationally recognised Psychiatrist, bestselling author & experienced clinician to help you understand the simple truths behind the psychology of weight loss and what holds you back from letting your inner slim self free!

Do not try to lose weight again and risk the emotional cost (not to mention the financial & time cost) of failing until you have understood the MIND GAME of weight loss.


DR GEORGE BLAIR-WEST Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Best selling Author

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"Rather than write another book, I wanted to use technology to bring my real-life therapy to you.The focus? How to understand and master your Unconscious mind, build the right Mindset and then build and maintain your Motivation to help you lose weight and, more importantly, keep it off." Dr George

Reviews for Weight Loss for Food Lovers

“This book is worth it’s weight in gold …

… what i liked most about Dr Blair-West’s approach was that he doesn’t patronise us by telling us what we already know … we should eat less and exercise more – he is focussed on the psychology of why we don’t follow the general principles … I think the book blows my cover on just about every excuse for falling off the healthy eating wagon.”
– Book Review, Queensland Times – Tina Patrick, Journalist


“I recently got this book out from the library … mainly because it covered the topic of self-sabotage when it comes to weight loss. I have renewed this book constantly from the library, and have now decided it’s time to get my own copy … as I really connect with this book!!!!

The author understands that pretty much everyone who’s overweight knows what they shouldn’t eat, and that they should exercise more ra ra ra, but he tackles the reasons behind why it’s not that simple. Being overweight myself and having tried to lose weight many times, I have connected with this book like nothing else. Every time a friend comes around I have to read them something from the book, I want to share it with everyone!! AWESOME BOOK!!!!”
– Review from

There’s gold in these here pages, great “welcome stranger” sized nuggets

“It’s all in the mind, you know,” Wallace Greenslade, voice of normalcy in the lunatic asylum that was the Goon Show, would intone. I kept hearing him as I read Dr George Blair-West’s book, because George himself can be a bit off-the-wall. He’s been there, done that. This is no ivory-tower treatise: it’s a down-to-earth, very friendly and sympathetic journey into the psychology of weight loss.

Who’d have thought that one’s own unconscious would be the arch saboteur of one’s dearest and most fervent desires?

Myths are exposed, and food science, the workings of the mind, the role of exercise, and the importance of instilling healthy eating habits in children are presented in terms we can all relate to and in the context of Dr George’s professional and family life. It’s a conversation with a man who practises what he preaches – he has made the weight-loss journey, he has read and applied or actually done the research and has the evidence to back up what he writes.
- Kate Lovett is the Editorial Manager for Steve Parish Publishing and was previously an editor with Jacaranda Press

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  1. Claire Smith says:

    Hi Dr G, I just wanted to share this with you….I had a sore throat today and purchased some “Rizogalo” which is a greek style creamy rice pudding, as I thought it would be easy to swallow. The description of the product on the label reads “All natural COMFORT food etc”. Well after listening to the first module last night on the Unconscious mind, I had a real chuckle and I also recognized the rather clever marketing message too! Oh and yes I did buy it and I did enjoy it, but Mindfully!! Wow, Module 1 was absolutely fascinating, thanks you are a real gem. Kind regards from Claire, Adelaide.

    • Dr George says:

      ‘All natural comfort food’ – scarily clever! Getting angry at these clever advertising folks is a good way to mobilise our motivation to not be seduced in this way. But I also agree with your point that it is okay to mindfully enjoy these foods – on our terms. Keep up the great work.

  2. Monica Ryan says:

    Liking the way the audio course is paced! No pressure. While understanding the brain, it helps alleviate any past guilt of failures and offers some Hope! Look forward to more -talks that is!